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Age & Wonder

Many LSD or psilocybin trips — even good trips — begin with an ordeal that can feel scarily similar to dissolving, or even dying. What appears to be happening, in a neurological sense, is that the part of the brain that governs the ego — the default mode network, it’s called — drops away. An older part of the brain emerges, analogous to a child’s mind, in which feelings of individuality are fuzzier and a capacity for awe and wonder is stronger.

It is said that babies and young children are basically tripping all the time.

A retreat suits people of any age, as Carl Jung wrote, “The afternoon of life is just as full of meaning as the morning.”



A private suite is reserved in a 5 star hotel at Amsterdam city to accommodate you individually. You will be accompanied individually from 10 hrs till 18 hrs and longer if needed. The next day we can meet an extra hour to share the experience, if you desire. Refreshing drinks and light healthy snacks will be served during this time. We will bring some records to accompany the trip. Of course you may bring your preferred music if you like. For the evening, the hotel offers great restaurant facilities. After that, the suite is yours for the evening and night.



While there are no guarantees as to what kind of journey you will have - these are the most-common experiences:
Mystical states of consciousness
Overcoming destructive attachments
Deep and lasting sense of connection
Remembering meaningful memories
Challenging and confronting visions
Processing childhood experiences
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